SEO or search engine optimisation are set processes which adjust a website both internally and externally to increase search engine returns. The search results are based on keyword and key phrase in all leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These search results are referred to mostly as organic, but sometimes natural. Today’s quick paced lifestyle ultimately requires us to want answers or resolutions fast.

The three major search engines who offer such as service, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Their market is split with Google dominating with approximately 60% of worldwide searches at around 37 billion, Yahoo are second with 8.5 billion and Microsoft trail in third with 2.2 billion. Although Yahoo and Microsoft (Bing) have recently signed a partnership to try and compete with Google.

As we all know When searching, high places websites on search engines invariably receive more traffic than websites on page two. And if your website is on page three or more the chances of being visited are as low as 25% due to most users not searching past page two. This is why search engine optimisation is so important for all industry businesses. It could mean the success or the demise of any new, up and coming company. That is why you must make the correct choice in choosing an SEO company. Today you are spoilt for choice and some offer guaranteed results, but in reality SEO is a very slow time consuming process that in time will reap the benefits. You should stay well clear of any company offering guaranteed results, especially on Google, as the algorithm they use yields different results from day to day.

Any professional search engine optimisation project is a process involving lengthy combination of astute skills. These skills involve website design, marketing, web development, management, advertising are the basic foundations on which a successful project must start.

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